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​​​​​​​ We are a ​small gun repair business located in Abilene, Texas. I created the business from a need for less physically demanding work, and also to realize my desire to do something I love. I have been working on guns off and on since 1979.The shop consists of two employees, myself and my lovely wife Tavia, who's job it is to keep things running smoothly and keep me on the straight and narrow​ when I need a little "guidance". 

​​​​ At this point in time, I am focusing on general gun repairs, but can do almost anything you need, including, but not limited to, blueprinting Remington 700's, AR builds, trigger work, night sight installation, rebarreling, as well as gun sales and transfers.

​ ​​I am here for YOUR needs, not mine, and I stand behind everything that I do for life. 


​ We owe our current and future success to our Lord ​and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for through him, all things are truly possible.​

​ ​​Tim Richards